We have many years of experience in the organization of water sports. Our certified and experienced guides, also two-time rafting champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, look after your safety and satisfaction during rafting. With excellent knowledge of Una river and its nature, our team is ready to respond to all challenges. Our equipment is up-to-date, tested and optimized for the given conditions. Our capacity is not limited and we are able to offer a complete service for all participants who apply for rafting.

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Rafting boat and Aappropriate equipment

Rafting boat is made of a special composite material Hypalon which is highly resistant to external influences and mechanical damage. It consists of several chambers filled with air, which make the rafting boat unsinkable with very good floating characteristics. Required type of the rafting boat is determined by the characteristics of the rafting track. Most common rafting boats on Una river can carry 7, 9 and 11 people.

Appropriate equipment (neoprene pants, neoprene boots, life jackets, helmets, paddles and, if necessary, neoprene gloves) is required for complete safety of rafting participants. It has a positive buoyancy, which allows rafters to remain on the water surface in the case of rollover or falling overboard.

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Enjoy, it's just a nature
Enjoy the breathtaking journey through landscapes of untouched nature that can only be reached by rafting boat or kayak. Don’t miss a chance to row through the most beautiful sections of the Una river – famous waterfall Štrbački buk or Grmuša canyon. Find out why rafting on Una much more than rafting!