If real adrenaline adventure on the surface begins with rafting, than SPEED RIVER DIVING is its underwater counterpart. This adventure was born and named in Bihać and it has already attracted adrenaline addicts from many European countries.

SPEED RIVER DIVING is scuba diving in the wild river, full of excitement and struggles with underwater streams and obstacles. The water is crystal clear, ideal for underwater video and photo enthusiasts.

Diving tourism has become one of the most attractive aspects of recreational and tourism offer in recent years. We organize diving trips and diving under numerous amazing waterfalls – a fantastic and unique diving experience.


Thanks to this position, our territory is rich with big sources of drinking water and significant number of submerged caving facilities. Beautiful natural sources with even more beautiful caves represent the world’s unique phenomenon. So far we have registered more than 10 huge cave facilities filled with water, of which we have partially examined and researched only five of them.For cave divers, we organize diving on amazing locations, with possibility of taking photographs of  very rare cave organisms like Proteus anguinus – the human fish.

Diving activities are organized for licenced and experienced divers only, in groups. All information is available upon request.