Nature writes the most beautiful stories, but not with an ordinary pen. The story of the Una river is certainly special, written with emerald color that runs through deep canyons.

Una cuddles with its banks, sweetly flows  while the willow branches reflect in its emerald surface. Then suddenly she becomes wild, fast and unpredictable, begins to foam and fall down high waterfalls.

Una river flows through the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly through Una-Sana canton. Many settlements and residential areas were formed on the banks of river Una and Bihać is the biggest one among them.

Almost entire Una river’s longitudinal section is made of cascades.

Natural cascades, waterfalls and rapids on the upper longitudinal profile of the river Una represent a unique natural heritage, for which this river is actually named after – in Latin Una stands for “one and only“.


A 10 m high waterfall appears shortly after Una river’s spring. Bukovi na Uni (Waterfalls on Una) are located In Martin Brod. This is the biggest waterfall on Una river, where water flows at the amount of 63 m3 / s over the 54 m high transoms. Downstream from Martin Brod is the most attractive waterfall – Štrbački buk. It consists of three sections of travertine sediments which are 40 m wide and 23,5 m high. On the way to Bihać there are also Troslap with the height of 1,5 m and 2.5 m high Dvoslap. Downstream from Bihać you can find cascades in Kostela and also beautiful waterfalls near Bosanska Krupa.

Una river is a rare pearl of untouched nature and purity. There is no such a river in the entire Europe, where you can drink its water on a continuous flow longer then 80 km. As an artery and life driving force, this river managed to gather numerous settlements and towns on its banks, whose destiny is linked to certain unique common thread – Una. This is evidenced by the remains of ancient settlements, which were built two millenniums ago by Japodes tribe and the Romans gave the river its name, Una – one and only.